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  1. MyBlog by Azrul, abandonware, SQLi & AFU

    MyBlog exension was developed by Azrul, of which website is defunct for a longer time.

    Extension is abandonware, and has multiple know vulnerabilites like SQLi and AFU.

    Warning: no upgrade/fix existing, all versions are to be considered vulnerable and removed immediately.

  2. Professional Grade eCommerce For Joomla

    Professional Grade eCommerce for Joomla is here with paGO Commerce from ‘corePHP’ Joomla first rocketed onto the scene in 2005, alongside Drupal and WordPress—a triumvirate of community-based free, open source projects, beginning what was to become arguably the most disruptive technology … Continue reading

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  3. RocketTheme rilascia la versione 5.0 di Gantry
    RocketTheme ha una lunga storia con Joomla, che si estende per oltre un decennio. Il fondatore, Andy Miller, è stato uno dei principali sviluppatori di Mambo CMS, diventato successivamente Joomla. Fu proprio questo ad ispirarlo a realizzare, nel 2004: fu il primo template club creato per Joomla, evolutosi successivamente nel RocketTheme di oggi.

    RocketTheme ha...
  4. J2Store by Weblogicx India, 3.1.6 and below, SQL Injections

    J2Store by Weblogicx India, 3.1.6 and below, SQL Injections

    Update: vulnerabilites fixed in version 3.1.7

    Announcement: (could be more clear it is security release)

  5. How to Build a Responsive Slideshow in Joomla
    Lots of Joomla users want a responsive slideshow on their site's homepage.

    Creating a responsive slideshow is really easy, and we're going to show you how with the Simple Picture Slideshow plugin.

    If you use Simple Picture Slideshow, your slideshow can be managed directly from your Media Manager.